How to Join the Old Bancroftians' Association
All Bancroftians are entitled to join the Old Bancroftians' Association. If you attended Bancroft's for any length of time, either the Preparatory School or the Senior School you are a Bancroftian.

Once a Bancroftian always a Bancroftian

In principle, as a Bancroftian you are automatically a member of the Association for life. The rules do allow the General Committee to expel a member, but this possibility has never been exercised, and hopefully never will.

Entitlement to membership may be a fact, but active membership is a responsibility. If you fail to inform the Association of your current contact details your membership will effectively lapse until such time as you provide them.

Registration at this Web site is a first step to active membership. If you register you can keep your details up to date. Of course you can continue to send changes to your details to the Membership Secretary or to the School Office from where the information will be relayed to the Association.

If you are registered at the site we encourage you to maintain the information about yourself that is held here.
Electronic or Paper?

When you register you will be asked whether you are happy to use the web site to keep abreast of Association news and events, or whether you would prefer to receive a Newsletter from time to time. If you opt for the former you will be notified of the publication of a Newsletter by email and the Newsletter will be available for you to download as a portable document (pdf file).

Details of news and events will normally be posted on the site as the news breaks and as the events are planned.

The hope is that members will increasingly opt to communicate electronically. This will significantly reduce the Association's costs for distribution of paper publications. It will also improve both the speed, quantity, and quality of communication.

Since 1989 the fees at Bancroft's have included an element that been identified as a subscription to the Association and has helped to fund its activities. This entitles pupils to membership. During the first 16 years of this scheme the amount of subscription has varied, as has the period of entitlement to membership. In 2005 the School asked the Association to adopt a scheme that would make Bancroftians members of the Association for life. In January 2006 the General Committee decided to go ahead with the scheme and subsequently School and the Association signed a Memorandum of Agreement. Until 2006 Old Bancroftians who had left the school before 1989 had paid an annual subscription. As part of the agreement with the school these subscriptions were abandoned from the beginning of 2007.

Some Bancroftians decided to continue to make an annual donation. Any kind of donation is always welcome